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Repair & upgrade

Repair & upgrade :

Your computer won’t start ? You want to renew your laptop by giving him a new SSD or more memory ? Your video card has some troubles ? JOB DONE has just everything you need to meet your needs.


horst mockel

We've been working with Jean-Philippe for many years. Whether it was when we were implementing our new IT system, troubleshooting or upgrading our computers. Over the years, he has never let us down.

On those occasions when the IT system goes sideways, your computer won't boot up, or when you just need a new HD for one of your computers by yesterday, Jean-Philippe’s availability and adaptability ensures speedy advice in solving your problems and a shoulder to cry on in those times of need when your OS decides it wants to try something different.

Jean-Philippe has come through for us on countless occasions, I'm confident that there's nothing I can break that he can't fix.
Keep on rocking!

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