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Cloud Service

Thanks to its partnership with Cloudbizz, Job Done can be your gatewayto the Cloud. Whether you need virtual desktops, telephony on the cloud or data sharing and storage, we can help you step-by-step by being your only contact to guide you through your migration process without any problems.

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eric brukmann

Born amongst the Commodore 64 generation of kids, I quickly saw my company’s growth becoming too big to ignore the need for some professional handling of E-stuff. That growth turned my little computer into a scary network.

Given those circumstances, you need partners around you that are there to create, with you, an arsenal of tools which are able to bring in more money than what they costs. You need people who share your ideals and who offer visions for your future. A partner who is able to run into a phone booth, change himself (no need to put the underpants over his jeans, I agree…) and pull you out of the mire whenever you are in trouble with any hardware, networking or media device.

Because, during those hard times, all you want to hear is “Job Done!”. My choice, indeed.

Eric BRUCKMANN / Liege Cargo Agency